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Good cabinets can integrate all the important aspects of an efficient and stylish space. Nowadays, there are high demands for cabinets. They are supposed to help organize your things while also bringing charm and comfort to the atmosphere of the room. When a cabinet meets these requirements, it makes the space more cozy and sophisticated. Even kitchen cabinets should no longer just provide storage. If you choose them well, they can be an important style-defining part of your interior.

•   The evolution of the kitchen
•   The best kitchen cabinets in different kitchen arrangements
•   Different styles of kitchen cabinets
•   Kitchen cabinet black
•   Kitchen cabinet white
•   Playing with contrast
•   Differentiate between high and low
•   Kitchen cabinet high
•   Kitchen cabinet low
•   A complete kitchen cabinet


The evolution of the kitchen

The kitchen was always an important place in the home. However, the use of this space has changed quite a bit in the last few decades. Most households in the Netherlands consist of several adults who all work and possibly a few children. Supermarkets and kitchen appliance developers are accommodating people in this situation by making it increasingly easy to put a tasty and healthy meal on the table. As a result, we spend less time cooking. However, we want to get together with our family or roommates. This is best done in a modern living kitchen.


The best kitchen cabinets in different kitchen arrangements

In many homes in the Netherlands, the dividing wall between the kitchen and the living room has been removed. This has created one large space that is supposed to be both functional and cozy. The biggest challenge when decorating a live-in kitchen is the transition between cozy or stylish coziness and sleek efficiency. Well-chosen kitchen cabinets can help tremendously. They ensure that you have enough storage space without creating a sterile appearance or taking away too much of the feeling of space.


Different styles of kitchen cabinets

When choosing a kitchen cabinet, there are several things to consider. First, it is obviously important that the cabinet fits into the space you have available. For this, width, height and depth all play a role. It is important to make sure there is enough walking space. You do this by leaving at least one meter of clearance between a cabinet and another structure - such as a dining table, bar or kitchen countertop. In addition, of course, all cabinets and drawers should open easily. Therefore, consider the turning radius of the doors and the extension length of the drawers.


Kitchen cabinet black

Black is a common color in modern homes. Especially in the kitchen, it is convenient to use colors on which stains are not easily visible. It is easier to integrate a kitchen and a living space if you go for black kitchen cabinets. These combine well with dark furniture in the living room. You do have to be a little careful with black in small spaces because it absorbs light and therefore looks even smaller. You can avoid this problem by using solid black cabinets only under the kitchen top. Above the top you then leave a fair portion of the light-colored wall visible and place only some open shelves, shelves or cabinets.


Kitchen cabinet white

White is still the most popular color for a kitchen. This is mainly because white surfaces reflect light. This allows you to work more effectively because you can see everything clearly. In addition, white increases the feeling of space making the kitchen seem larger. White kitchens are timeless and retain their market value very well. This color can be combined with almost any other color so you don't have to think deeply about the color of decorations, appliances, tables and chairs. White kitchen cabinets do need to be cleaned more often because you can obviously see the prints of greasy fingers very well.


Playing with contrast

In addition to the reflection of light on white surfaces, you can also create a sense of depth in the room by creating contrast. That's why combinations of white and black are often used in kitchens. For example, if you place black cabinets under a marble or wooden top, the cabinets will fall away a bit and you will actually enhance the spatial effect created by the kitchen top. You can also reinforce this effect by placing a dark tall cabinet in a corner and having a light wall stand out next to it.


Differentiate between high and low

The area half a meter above and below your eye level has the most influence on the atmosphere of a room. Therefore, it is very important to think about the difference between the cabinets you place in the upper and lower half of your kitchen. You can use the lower half for efficiency while in the upper half you also want to pay attention to the atmosphere.


Kitchen cabinet high

If you mainly need urgent storage space then of course you can choose deep dense cabinets everywhere. In them you can put everything as you want, no one will see it. However, it gives much more style to a (residential) kitchen if you give the high area a bit more style. By leaving the wall partially open, for example, you create a sense of space. You can still use this space by installing open shelves, racks and cabinets. From these you can hang things and on top of them you place attractive and useful items - such as cookbooks, herbs and plants and beautiful tableware. At the very top of the corner you can place appliances that you rarely use.


Kitchen cabinet low

Kitchen cabinets located below the worktop should be convenient and not too conspicuous. At this height, kitchen cabinets may be a little deeper because they do not take away much from the spatial aspect of the kitchen. More and more people are opting for low cabinets that contain deep drawers. Nowadays, these function well enough to store even heavy things - such as a stack of dishes. You can access things much better in the back of a drawer than if you have to dig around in the back of a low cabinet.

A complete kitchen cabinet

If you're looking for a single cabinet to place in an existing kitchen, it's best to look for one with several sections. At the bottom, it's nice if it's a little deeper and can be completely closed so you can store things there that don't look attractive. From the height of your hip or waist, it is better if the cabinet is less deep and has open spaces where you can put some decorative items.