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In most homes, much more money is spent on the kitchen than on furnishing the other rooms. This makes sense because your kitchen has to meet all sorts of requirements. At the very least, enough power must be accessible to run a number of heavy appliances at the same time. Running hot and cold water and hot plates to prepare food are also indispensable. In addition, you need plenty of cabinet space to store all the food items, kitchen towels, dishes, cutlery and other necessities, and of course, a refrigerator should not be missing. The German brand Nobilia makes very reliable kitchens at an attractive price.

•   Nobilia is the world's largest kitchen manufacturer
•   The value for money of Nobilia kitchens is unbeatable
•   Nobilia kitchens compared to other brands
•   A kitchen that matches the rest of your decor
•   The extensive range of nobilia
•   Choose your own style
•   Save money with a complete kitchen from nobilia
•   The price of a nobilia kitchen
•   A good kitchen increases well-being


Nobilia is the world's largest kitchen manufacturer


A good kitchen is expensive. This is because it contains all kinds of complex appliances and storage space. Therefore, when you start looking for a new kitchen, you need to look carefully at what all you want and need. In the middle segment of the market you will find kitchens from Nobilia. This manufacturer specializes in designing and delivering versatile built-in kitchens that fit perfectly in many different homes. The company has become the largest kitchen manufacturer in the world. They sell between 2,000 and 4,000 complete kitchens around the world every day. Millions of people have enjoyed their reliable products for years.


The value for money of Nobilia kitchens is unbeatable


Nobilia kitchens are so popular because their value for money is unmatched by any other brand. They work with the German attitude that it better be right the first time. After all, if a nobilia kitchen has a quality defect they have to come all over the world, to thousands of customers, to fix the problem. To avoid that unnecessary waste of time and money, they make sure the quality is just perfect. Their kitchens are tested to last at least 15 years. They pass the warranty time with ease and last for a long time even after that.


Nobilia kitchens compared to other brands


You can make the search for a perfect kitchen as long or short as you want. In any case, it is not advisable to choose a kitchen that is cheaper than Nobilia's models. This is asking for trouble because you will end up investing a lot more in anything that will break down in the foreseeable future. The quality of Nobilia kitchens is normally found only in a more expensive segment of the market. There you can possibly find options for a more personalized kitchen. Nobilia can offer its products so cheaply because they are mass-produced.


A kitchen that matches the rest of your decor


Luxury kitchen brands like Siematic, Bulthaup and Poggenpohl make it possible to unify your entire interior. They do this by looking at the entire space inside your home. In addition to kitchens, they also design bathrooms and furniture for the living room, for example. This allows you to reflect certain elements in different places and create a nice harmonious whole. At nobilia, you can also achieve this same effect. The difference is that this brand's kitchens, bathrooms and other furniture come at an average or low price.


The extensive range of nobilia


Nobilia works with a wide variety of different combinable components. This allows them to offer a complete kitchen for every kind of preference and space. You can choose from different kitchen units, each with its own specific style. At Nobilia, you can find all modern options such as an open-plan living kitchen, a designer kitchen or a minimalist handleless kitchen. Classic and country models are also available. These have a wonderfully nostalgic design that instantly creates a special atmosphere.


Choose your own style


The wide range of products offered by nobilia allows you to give your kitchen a completely individual style. You can do this by filling in the type of kitchen unit you choose with specific foil fronts, wood fronts, acrylic fronts or melamine resin fronts. There are also options to make your kitchen extra special by choosing inlaid glass elements, a mica look or special lighting, for example. In total, more than a hundred different front variations and dozens of shape variations are available. Combine these designer handles with special elements such as worktops and a beautiful dining table to shape your own unique kitchen.


Save money with a complete kitchen from nobilia


Kitchens from nobilia come complete in most cases. That means your kitchen includes all the appropriate appliances. You can therefore save quite a bit of money because nobilia has advantageous deals with various manufacturers. In addition, you can be sure that your oven, microwave and dishwasher will fit perfectly into your kitchen. So you won't have any unpleasant surprises when installing such an appliance. Of course, you can choose from different kitchens in terms of price and comprehensiveness. At nobilia you will find the perfect combination of appliances, cabinet space and efficient layout for your home and preferences.


The price of a nobilia kitchen


Nobilia produces a wide variety of kitchens and this is reflected in their prices. An average kitchen costs about €6000 to €7000 from them. With that sum, you can install a kitchen in a normal house with all the standard conveniences. The most expensive kitchens from nobilia cost about €20,000. These have the ease of use, spaciousness and originality of a real designer kitchen. You can find a simple kitchen from Nobilia for around €4,000. That's even cheaper than an IKEA kitchen, but the quality is much higher. In fact, even in the cheapest Nobilia kitchen everything is perfectly finished.


A good kitchen increases well-being


The kitchen is one of the places in your home where you can save the most time. A well-functioning kitchen makes it easy to prepare delicious food and drinks. When a kitchen contains everything you need, it goes quickly and smoothly - as does the clean up and clean up afterwards. Being able to quickly prepare the foods you need makes you take better care of yourself and feel better physically and mentally. So it's important that your home has a kitchen that you feel good in.