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The ongoing housing shortage in the Netherlands is forcing more and more people to move into relatively small homes. This need not be a problem as long as the space we have is used optimally. One of the most common solutions for smaller studios and living kitchens is a straight kitchen. This is arranged along one of the walls and therefore takes away almost no walking space. A well thought out straight kitchen is fully equipped and also works super well in a spacious living kitchen.

•   A straight kitchen can be 3, 4, 5 or 6 meters long
•   A straight kitchen offers many possibilities for further layout
•   Long straight kitchens are becoming more common in modern homes
•   Stylish long straight kitchen without upper cabinets
•   A practical straight kitchen with wall units
•   A small straight kitchen is perfect for a studio or single family home
•   Cheap straight kitchen
•   Straight kitchen 350 cm
•   White, colored, wooden or black straight kitchen
•   Straight kitchen offer


A straight kitchen can be 3, 4, 5 or 6 meters long

When it comes to straight kitchens, you have a huge variety of options. In terms of length, you can choose from all sorts of different variants - from tiny kitchens that are three meters long to kitchens as long as six meters that take up the entire wall of a large room. Of course, the best length depends on your home's capabilities and your preferences. Some people find it more important to leave as much living space as possible because they don't spend much time in the kitchen anyway. Others want to be creative with their space, and then a long straight kitchen is a wonderful option.


A straight kitchen offers many possibilities for further layout

A straight kitchen takes up only about 60 to 80 inches of space along one of the walls of your home. This gives you endless options for filling in the rest of the space. This is nice because it allows you to make drastic changes to your interior from time to time. The standard dimensions of a kitchen countertop are 60, 70 or 80 centimeters. All of these depths are quite workable. To choose the right size for your situation, for example, you might want to take a moment to think about the amount of appliances you want to put in the kitchen and the amount of dishes you want to be able to pile up without it getting in the way immediately.


Long straight kitchens are becoming more common in modern homes

Residential kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, and within that, straight kitchens fit very well. More and more single-family and modern homes have a large open living space with a kitchen on one side. This makes it easy for the whole family to be in the same space while everyone does their own thing. Within a residential kitchen, you can do all sorts of different things to use the space efficiently. For example, you can create more workspace while cooking by placing a high table or bar in a strategic location. This serves as a cutting surface during food preparation, allowing you to have everything within easy reach. However, as soon as you finish in the kitchen, it becomes part of the living area.


Stylish long straight kitchen without upper cabinets

The best way to integrate your kitchen into the interior of a residential kitchen is to choose a long straight kitchen without overhead cabinets. This makes the space seem wonderfully open because you have a continuous wall at eye level. You can then hang shelves, shelves and, for example, a handy drying rack above the sink. Fill these with items that create extra atmosphere - such as that nice spice box, (edible) potted plants and herbs or cookbooks. That way, the kitchen and living room really become one.


A practical straight kitchen with wall units

Maybe when you read about kitchens without overhead cabinets, you think, "It's all well and good, such a stylish living kitchen, but where do I put all my ingredients, blenders, plates, cups, cleaning utensils, pan sets and other things that don't always get stored quite neatly? In that case, a straight kitchen with cabinetry is more suitable for you. This one has a whole row of cabinets next to and above the kitchen worktop, giving you ample storage space for all your things. When filling this space, it's wise to take a moment to think about how often you use certain products. For example, you can use the space on top of the cabinets and in the far corners for appliances that are only rarely used for the day.


A small straight kitchen is perfect for a studio or single family home

The most popular straight kitchens are relatively small, measuring three or four meters in length. Such straight kitchens can be perfectly sized for a studio or apartment of up to 50 square meters. Thus, you lose very little living space to the kitchen and can be creative yourself with parts that serve partly as kitchen furniture. Consider, for example, a dining and work table that also serves as an additional kitchen worktop during extended cooking events.


Cheap straight kitchen

Single people who are not very fond of cooking often have enough with two gas burners, a spacious refrigerator (for all ready-made meals) and a good combination microwave oven. They also need a few cupboards for snacks, a handful of basic ingredients, some cleaning supplies and a shelf for plates, cups and a few glasses. Perhaps a small dishwasher is still handy and a faucet that has boiling water coming out of it. Such a kitchen does not have to be big or expensive and can still offer all the necessary luxuries.


Straight kitchen 350 cm

For many people, a three-meter straight kitchen is just on the small side while four meters is already difficult to fit in. With time, we found out that kitchens of 350 centimeters are very popular. These have just enough space to fit all the necessary appliances, but also fit along almost any wall. In really small apartments, these kitchens are often combined with a shower stall. As a result, a studio only needs to have one small enclosed space for the toilet, and you don't lose any other living space to walls and doors. In this way, you can still furnish a spacious-looking and complete home in 20 to 30 square meters.


White, colored, wooden or black straight kitchen

When it comes to straight kitchens, you can literally find something in every kind of style. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that your new straight kitchen fits perfectly within the atmosphere of your home. A white kitchen often fits a little less well within the atmosphere of a living room. If you still want the clean, spacious effect of that color, you can achieve quite a bit by incorporating elements of other materials - such as a kitchen top and wooden shelves. A frequently chosen option is a black or wooden kitchen. That easily becomes part of the wall, allowing the room as a whole to maintain a nice cozy atmosphere.

Straight kitchen offer

If you are ready for a new kitchen then you should definitely consider going for a straight kitchen. In fact, in this category you will find the most attractive offers. This is due to several things. First, of course, it is easy to fit a straight kitchen. There is no need to take into account lengths of different walls and no need for special corner cabinets. In addition, all the different cabinets can be arranged freely based on the appliances to be placed in them.